The Fresh Newlywed Game Program Perhaps Not Well Liked

On April 6th, 2009 the overall game Show Network premiered the brand new form of The Newlywed Game. As stated in a previous tale we performed, this tv show is actually backed by eHarmony. One critic called the tv series a „30-minute-long infomercial for eHarmony with a game title show spread occasionally.” The tv series does not stray not even close to the first principle but i came across it lacked the wit of earlier hosts like Bob Eubanks from sixties.

Carnie Wilson is actually an interesting choice due to the fact new host for all the tv series. She taped 1st pair of 40 programs over 11 days when she ended up being 5 1/2 months expecting (due June 2009). That is additionally here very first stretch at holding a game title tv series. If you don’t bear in mind who Carnie is actually, the woman is the girl of Brian Wilson, top honors artist of seashore men. She also had an effective singing group labeled as Wilson Phillips during the early 90s. Since that time she also had a TV chat show.

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