Development Features — The SEGLAR Company Background

Throughout its history, the LEGO enterprise has enhanced in many areas. The company’s mission is to build a strong brand that stimulates creative enjoy and imagination in children around the world. Also to gadgets, the company also produces digital products and strategic entertainment products.

The company’s production started in a small workshop why play with lego in Billund, Denmark, by carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen. His initial thought was to build houses, yet his business quickly changed. He wanted to produce toys. He renamed his company SEGLAR to indicate his new direction.

The LEGO business began by creating simple toys. Soon after, the company branched out to Saudi arabia, Sweden, Italy and The uk. The business sold more than 900 mil pieces by 1961. In the us, LEGO entered the market around 1974.

The company’s growth is impressive, along with the company’s staff growing by 50 % in the last eight years. The company has introduced thousands of perform sets, with themes including space, dinosaurs and Knight’s Kingdom. A lot of LEGO parks have opened internationally.

LEGO’s history has also been full of vibrant moments. The company is known due to the colourful building blocks, which often appear underfoot. A large number of its products have been acknowledged for their appearance and quality.

The company’s success can be attributed to the mission to inspire kid’s imaginations. SEGLAR has joined with Marketing Lab by MIT for several years, resulting in the advancement CD-ROM game titles and digital LEGO stones.